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Cottage Cheese

I’ve been reading about the need to take in large quantities (80-100 grams) of protein during pregnancy. Cottage Cheese has become one of my favorites because it boasts 12 grams per half cup. I’ve taken to eating it regularly in the hopes that it’s aiding the growth of our little bundle of joy. I’ve also been trying to exercise regularly but I’ve outgrown most of my workout pants so the other day I went to buy some new ones. For the first time in a long time I found myself in front of a full length mirror where, to my horror, I realized that the cottage cheese had actually migrated, not to my bun in the oven but to my buns and thighs. I’ll spare you a picture of this catastrophe but I am now going to reconsider my love affair with cottage cheese or at least urge our little one to take her fair share because I’ve got enough.

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