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Dressed by Daddy

Let me start out by saying that Ritchie is turning out to be the husband/daddy of my dreams. He has taken on the lion’s share of housework after a hard day at work. He is very attentive to my needs as well as Jessica’s. He’s patient with me and Jess and it’s fun to watch the two of them interact-I am so grateful for him. He has proven to be a champ when it comes to getting little arms into small “sack of pajama” sleeves but he has had some trouble when it comes to diapers and bloomers as illustrated by the following two dialogues.

Diapers A little background-I change almost all the diapers. Ritchie had a bad experience the second night she was home (read: pee and poop everywhere) so he’s been hesitant to take on this task except in cases of emergency. It’s fine by me because he doesn’t hesitate to do the dishes, laundry, cleaning and shopping so I don’t mind the diapers.

Ritchie: “I had a really hard time getting her diaper on, I think maybe they’re too small.”

Lindsay: “Oh really, the package says they work for infants up to ten pounds.”

Ritchie: “Well, I think she needs some new ones.”

A few hours later:

Lindsay: “What the !?”


It’s a good thing he’s a problem solver…

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