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Elijah is Alive and Well

Disclaimer: If you’re not a member of my family, you may not find this post very interesting but feel free to read it if you’d like.

Last month, I had an idea as RJ and I were exiting the temple after doing temple work for our own ancestors for the first time ever. It was an AMAZING experience and shed a whole new light on temple work and it’s importance. I used the site to get the temple ready paper and I took it to the temple and they gave me the ordinance cards, just like that. It was so easy and very rewarding after our family history efforts over the last few years. I think it would be great if all of us participated in doing the work and this is why:

1) Our information on these family members is limited and doing the ordinances would give us some first-hand experience with them. 2) There’s nothing like it and we should all have the chance to do it. 3) I felt so happy as I thought about Grandma Barbara and Grandma Irene who worked so hard to find these names years ago. I felt my happiness and theirs that day. 4) On that note, I think in memory of Grandma and her efforts to visit every temple, it would be sweet to fill out these ordinance cards with stamps from different temples.

I also think it’d be great if we wrote down a little about our experience and sent it along with each of the ordinances and then we could add it to our family history at the end. So be ready…some ordinance cards might show up in your mailbox one day soon :).

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