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Friendship, Prophylaxis & Faux Paint

Well, I’d worked to prepare for Enrichment as best I could but there’s only so much one girl can do. So this last week I corraled some friends into helping and I’m happy to say that “Falling into Friendship” was a great success. This was due in large part to all of the ideas and work that various people volunteered (including y’all—thank you!). I will, however, take credit for purchasing the paper goods and getting people to say the prayers and I daresay without those things the evening wouldn’t have been nearly as grand. I was humbled by the number of people who called on Thursday to ask if they could help me with anything. I was also impressed by the number people who arrived early and stayed late, joining in to help out with whatever needed doing. It was a blessing to be the recipient of so much service.

In addition to putting the finishing touches on Enrichment I started my 2 month stint in the dental office this week. I had also worked hard to prepare Ritchie and I for this but I was not prepared for was the serious learning curve I ran smack into. Having worked in the very same office this spring, I figured I’d remember most of what I needed to know. However, I was startled to realize that either my memory isn’t what I thought it was or they’ve changed things quite a bit in the last 8 months. Either way, I’m a bit behind in my TLA acquisition. Just for fun, I’ll be sending a prize to the person who can correctly identify the most acronyms:

*RCT *CRN *PX *TXT *SCL *PT *DR (I figured I’d make sure you got at least one right!)

And finally, after a very long week I made the trek to H-town South to enjoy little man’s birthday and a weekend with travelingtxmom & happymom&crew. We had a terrific birthday party and then the three of us had a great time at Super Saturday where we learned about home decorating/painting, gardening, and how to make those little yarn hats on the circle looms. All in all it was a relaxing, enjoyable weekend and I was so grateful for it!

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