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Go Cougs!

In other news, I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. I really like historical fiction. Wars, with their surrounding circumstances and controversies intrigue me. I just finished a Shaara novel about WW1 and I’m currently reading the first in his WW2 trilogy. In both books I’ve been surprised to learn about the circumstances surround the US entry into each war. In each instance, the Allies were DEPENDENT on the United States for victory. In the first world war, we were seen as a dangerous infant, haphazardly flinging itself into the fray. However, the outcome of our fortitude was a victory…a victory which resulted in a flawed treaty but no additional soil for US use.

Similarly, in WW2, the Allied effort recognized that the US forces would rejuvenate the tired troops already in the field. All of this information was a surprise to me (as we were always rushing to cover the 1900’s-present section in history). It’s made me consider those same “Allies” now and how much support they give us when we go to someone else’s aid. I think perhaps they’ve forgotten what it’s like to be the conquered nation, to be the nation in need of help.

It’s also frustrating to read about the diplomats and politicians, the people who were in it for personal fame in the history books. I’m also astounded by Hitler and Mussolini’s BLIND proclamations of victory despite reports to the contrary coming from the North Africa theatre of the war. How is it that I’ve lived over a quarter of a century and I don’t know these things? How is it that I’ve not been taught in school about the amazing bravery and courage of men who fought for strangers, men who fought to preserve someone else’s liberty, men who would carry the scars of war, physically and emotionally for the rest of their lives? The more I read the more I appreciate the destiny of this great country and the good that we have done and will continue to do. God Bless America.

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