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I would like You to Meet Jessica Grace Miller (100% Organic)

World of Miller Bloggers I would like to introduce you to to Jessica Grace Miller

Yes that is correct Baby Jess has arrived 2 weeks early and Dad gets to Blog about it. Monday April 20th was the 113th Boston Marathon and sense we couldn’t be apart of that great event we decided to have our own Marathon here in San Antonio.

At 7:30 A.M. I rolled out of bed to get ready for work (I know I sleep in a few extra minutes and boy was I glad), just as I was about to get into the shower Lindsay went Running to the toilet (despite her overly large Ankles) and says “what the heck” I didn’t wet my pants did I? I couldn’t have “it’s still going… it doesn’t smell like pee here you check” oh yes that was a first for me, so I not wanting discuss it further I obliged and agreed it was not pee. So like we had planned with our Bradley training if when the water broke we wouldn’t panic and would take it one step at a time. So not knowing what else to do I jumped in the shower not knowing if this would be my last one, and while in there Lindsay asked if I was okay, what else is a guy to say, “yeah I’m okay why do you ask,” “well I just saw you take some really deep breaths so wanted to check,” and not knowing what to say to that I just said “you weren’t suppose to see that don’t worry about it” (When really inside I was thinking Holly Crap we are about to have this Kid 2 weeks early and I’m not ready to do this yet, I needed at least the give 40 weeks gestation time to at least be a little more prepared)

So know what do we do? After all the preparation we did I never imagined that this is how it would start. So we put together a game plan Lindsay had an appointment with her OB (wow great doctor by the way). We started the 24 hr clock and decided we would just go on our day until the appointment came or we hit the 5-1-1 rule if you don’t know what that is you need to take a Bradley class. Lindsay put together a list of a few things we needed at store that were items we still needed to get to be fully prepared. Lindsay said she would go do it while I went to work and would just call when she was ready for a ride to the hospital. Okay stop thinking bad about me there was no way I was letting her go to the store so I went with my list and then decided that I would come drop it off and run into work to square that away.

The List

  1. Nursing Bra (what the ???? yeah first time buying a bra for Richard here, took asking one sales associate who didn’t speak English, sorry I don’t have that in my spanish vocab, and her asking another sales associate who semi spoke english, and then asking one that was fluent in English so yes three people I had to ask )

  2. Car seat (wanted to be able to bring Jess home and we just hadn’t bought yet but with a gift card from Saturday’s festivities were set)

  3. Monster Maxi Pad (uh ????? mark that down as another first)

  4. And of course Eye shadow (had to buy like 2 different ones with a rainbow of colors hoping I would be somewhat close to what I was to get)

I then made the run home and headed to work to get ready to be gone a few days I had called in and said I would be running late getting in. I unload the stuff I had sitting on back seat to make room for Mom and Baby, and went to work. Eventually (okay like 2 minutes after getting to work) I let it spill that we had a plumbing leak at our house and it wasn’t in my copper pipes. So they all were like what and you didn’t go right to hospital (again need to take the Bradley class best class ever for a soon to be Daddy, it wouldn’t have gone so well without them). So I told them there was no rush we had 24 hrs and that there was no point in sitting in the hospital getting ready when she could do it at home. So after awhile and them worrying so much about my wife and thinking I was the worst husband of the year I went home. It’s where I wanted to be and they were offering so what the heck. So I got home just in time to go for a Mile walk with Lindsay, after the walk Lindsay went and laid down for 60 min or so as she was starting to get over excited. After getting up from that she went for a short walk and we headed to appointment with contractions about 5-6 min apart.

We got to Doctor’s office (they still didn’t know about the leak at our house) well we told the nurse but not so sure she told Dr. as when she came in she was like “hey why you losing weight” and Lindsay said well “it is probably the amniotic fluid I lost today” the Doctor did a double take and was like what, and this is first I am hearing of this and I was like we told the Nurse :). Anyways we brought our bags just in case we needed to check in after the appointment but Linds was only a 3 so she let us go home and just wanted us to check in by 5pm so she could check her again. We also found out that she was on call and that it wasn’t her normal night but that another Doctor had switched with her. Lindsay was so grateful it would be her doctor and not another one on call Monday night. So we went home Lindsay finished some emails for Stake Youth Conference and I got a few other things ready around the house. We got to the Hospital at right about 5, and once we got there Lindsay slowed on progressing just cause of all the checking in process I think. We walked the halls for like an hour boy that gets boring fast (like after 2 laps). Then Lindsay’s Dad showed up, he had just flown in from India to Houston to Fly to Utah for her sister’s College Graduation (GO Cougs) on Thursday and Friday and as soon as he found out we were in Labor he changed his Monday Flight to Wednesday and Drove over here (I thought this would be his reaction knowing him, and boy was I glad to see him it great to have some moral support there and to have a familiar face) after an hour he headed off to the waiting room, by then we had progressed to a 5.

Well, now Linds didn’t really want to get out of bed much, was getting annoyed when they came in to put the monitors on, luckily the Doctor said since we were going all natural she only had to have it on for 20 min every 2 hrs that was a great blessing. Contractions were getting stronger and a little longer and around 9:30 PM the Doctor called the nurse for an update so she came and check and Linds hadn’t progressed was still at a 5. That was heart breaking for both of us especially Lindsay. So the Nurse of course mentioned Pitocin, not what Lindsay wanted to hear.

At around 10 is when the Crap hit the Fan (pardon my French but that’s what happens when Daddy gets to write the blog :)). The contractions were right on top of each other with only 40-50 seconds break of rest and they were getting worse and poor Mommy, it was hard to make it to the bathroom before another would start and she was just at wits ends. She looks at me crying and say “you know how I said no matter what I say to don’t let me get an epidural well I changed my mind, make it stop, make it go away.” Now what do I do, as a Coach in my class I was taught to be strong, but how the heck to do that when the woman you love more then anything is crying in pain and you can’t do anything about it but give in and give her some drugs. They taught us at this breaking point to take out the baby clothes to get mommy refocused, I thought about it but with the look in her Eye I knew that if I did that I would’ve ended up with a Black eye for sure. So I just held her hand and ran finger over face and hair and she calmed down and began relaxing, which was good as that is the keep to Bradley. So at about 11 the Doctor came to hospital, to deliver another baby and said when she was done there she would come check Lindsay, well after Doctor was done nurse (Laurie was her name by the way) came in and said do you want me to check you or wait for Dr. Williams, she wanted to wait. As 5 or 10 min passed I noticed she was kind of Pushing, so I was like lets get you checked now so I called the Nurse back in and she checked her and she was at an 81/2 or 9 and they were like this baby is coming and will be here soon, not long after that we were squatting on the side of the bed, daddy holding mommy up, and delivering a Beautiful Baby girl, with out any drugs, I’m married to Superwoman!!!!

Baby and Mommy are doing great, every one is so excited to meet each other. Jess is feeding really well and we are all back in the comforts of our own home. Sorry for being Long winded but it took me 7 year to get to write this blog so I hope you enjoyed. The Greatest Day of our Lives April 21, 2009 at 12:53 am our little Angel came to us weighing 7 lbs 1 oz and measuring 20 and a half inches long. It’s a Great Day to Be a DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A few extra pic for grins (mom can post her own blog some other day)

Thanks Grandpa for your Help!!!!!

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