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Jessica’s Room

Here is Jessica’s room. I have 2 terrific friends who helped me design it and an awesome mother who helped me to finish up the quilt and curtain. I’m really happy with how it turned out, I love going in there!

Here is her closet. Ritchie put in those modular shelves/drawers and they’re great. I want some for my closet.

Can you find the hiding cousin? (the frame is from my shower-people wrote nice things on the mat and then I need to put a little picture of Jess in the middle)

Jess still sleeps in our room but we usually go in her room during the day to read or rock. It’s pretty cozy. I ordered a slipcover for the purple recliner but I once I got it in there I didn’t mind the purple so much. I can’t decide if I want to change it up or not.

Here’s a closeup of her crib, bumper pads and dustruffle.

This is the finished quilt and curtain. It was my first attempt at machine quilting so I’m grateful my mom was here to help me through it.

Here are the flowers. Emily and I experimented with the design and execution for a few weeks. In the end, I bought some silk flowers, dismantled them and then glued pieces back together. I covered buttons with the material from the room and then used those little velcro stickers to get them to stick to the wall. I will be able to take them off entirely or move them if I need to.

I never would’ve been gutsy enough to do this room on my own so I’m grateful for Emily’s tireless efforts on my behalf. I had a great time working on it and I hope Jess loves it as much as I do!

(Lisa, I hope these pictures were worth the wait:)

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