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My Sweet-Cheeked-Baby

This week Jess has been practicing using her hands. It’s fun to watch her hit (and miss :)) things. She had the ball on her tray for a few days and she’d hit it or try to suck on it. She’s gotten really good at hitting the toys on her other swing…I’ll try to get a picture. I love watching her realize that she’s learning how to do things.

She’s decided that she prefers her thumb to her finger and binky (I’ve tried Lisa!). We find her smacking on it when she’s hungry and sometimes when she’s tired. She’s still learning how to get it in there just right-sometimes she gags herself (she must have my super long thumbs) and sometimes she ends up sucking on the fat part of her hand.

She’s figuring out her feet. She’s moves them and looks at them and then moves them again. It’s fun to watch her be surprised by her own body. I thought for all her kicking and pushing off, she knew her feet were hers…guess not.

She’s also taken to moving around in her swing. Last week she couldn’t get herself back upright but this week she can. When she’s moving around like that I usually put the on tray as an extra precaution.

Yesterday I propped her up to sit in the corner of the loveseat after I changed her diaper so I could wash my hands. By the time I got back she had flung herself forward/sideways, rolled off of the armrest and was wriggling around facedown on the loveseat. A few more seconds and I’m sure she would’ve pushed off and sent herself headfirst onto the floor.

So she’s just moving, moving moving. I’ve been making a more conscious effort to help her practice using her arm/neck muscles because I think it will decrease her frustration and help her coordination. Right now when I put her on her stomach she puts her arms out to the sides, arches her back and churns her legs. She ends up wriggling around and even moving forward a little bit but I’m afraid she’s going to get a rugburn on her face and heaven knows that little face has been through enough already! (If you didn’t see her sunburn in person, you won’t be able to miss it when I post our vacation blog)

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