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It’s been fun to watch Jessica start to play games. Last weekend Ritchie started saying “Chubba Chubba Chubba” just before kissing her cheek. After a few times she started looking towards him and turning her cheek and smiling. It’s so great. I haven’t gotten it on camera yet because I’ve been holding her every time they’ve played but she’s really consistent and it’s fun to watch. He also got her interested in her little activity mat. Here she is demonstrating her skills: (sorry, I tried to turn it the right way but it wouldn’t let me)

(Ritchie did position her with the best chance for success but I’d like to think she was trying to move her arms and hit the monkey…)

She’s working on building those little muscles. In this picture she was propped up on a pillow but she’s decided to try some crunches off of it. She cracks me up.

And speaking of games, we took her to her first baseball game this week. She wasn’t impressed. It was extremely windy and I think that bothered her more than a dislike for the game. We spent quite a few innings in the car but we were in the park for one or two and I’m not sure I watched an at bat in it’s entirety. It made me appreciate all those baseball games my parents took us girls too…it occured to me that they probably didn’t get to watch the game as much as they would’ve liked to and it was probably a whole lot of work to get us there and keep us happy…thanks Mom and Dad :).

And finally, here she is talking. She’s taken to conversing quite a bit these days. I wish I knew what she was saying because she tells quite the story. She does these really high-pitched inflections that make me laugh every time. I’m amazed at how she can change her pitch to sound happy or sad. This is what she looks like when she’s on a roll…very expressive :).

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