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Stop Drowning in your thoughts!

This mindfulness activity is one of my all-time favorites. In our house we refer to the thought river daily. With all our commitments, fears and worries, it's easy to feel like we're drowning in our thoughts. With practice, it's possible to wade out of the flow of our thoughts and sit on the bank in our mind, watching the river go by. There is actually a little part of our brain (anterior insula) designed to do this but it usually doesn't always get much practice because we don't know it's there. When we strengthen our connection to the anterior insula (or observer) in our brain by imagining ourselves walking out of the river and watching, it gets easier and easier to become the observer. Watch this quick video for more on the thought river or listen to this podcast I recorded with A Splash of Ash to learn more about how to make the thought river part of your li

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