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What I’ve Been Up To -by Jessica

Since my mom is a slow poke and my aunts and uncles want more pictures, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Here are a few things I’ve been doing lately:


When my Grandma was here we snuggled a lot. I miss her but I’m glad she can be with my cousins and I’ll see her again in a few weeks.

I like to sit with my Daddy when he comes home from work. Sometimes it takes me a while to find comfortable positions like this:

And my mom and I pretty much spend the whole day cuddling…sometimes in the sling and sometimes just in a chair. I love to be held.


I really love taking baths. As you can see, I’ve already learned how to sit back and enjoy a relaxing tubby time (all on my own). However, I’m getting a little too tall for the kitchen sink.

I used to be cold after my baths but my Aunt Kristin sent me this sweet towel that keeps me really warm. Now I don’t even cry when I get out of the tub (although I still usually pee).


Last week I celebrated my 1 Month Birthday. I’m really getting big. My mom can’t believe how much I’m growing and how fast time is going. After using our unofficial bathroom scale, she estimates that I weigh around 10 lbs.

We made a special trip to Target on Thursday to get cupcakes and frosting. When my daddy got home we celebrated. He pointed out that next time we need to make the cupcakes a day early so I can enjoy them on the right day.


My mom got me to smile at her for the first time last week and she says I have a beautiful smile. Since then I’ve been practicing at least once a day. I still like to tease her when she gets out the camera so she doesn’t have too many pictures of my happy faces but she did manage to get this one.

Going Out

My daddy was tired of going to church by himself so Mommy and I joined him for the first time this week. I did great in church and it was fun to meet so many nice people. I got a lot of compliments.

Today, my daddy arranged for us to go with some friends to a Strawberry Patch in Fredericksburg. We walked around and picked strawberries and then headed into town for lunch.

Here’s what we ended up with…we bought an onion too because it was super huge. Daddy thinks it’s about the size of my head.

Well, it’s late and I’m falling asleep. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little update. Until next time…

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